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Review: Wicked Willy's Bar & Grill

Updated: Feb 26

Wicked Willy's Bar & Grill in NYC

Typically when I visit dive bars, I stick to the basics- a rum & coke, whiskey ginger, etc. Because I’m not expecting to find an extensive cocktail menu. But that’s not the case at Wicked Willy’s Bar & Grill in NYC. Wicked Willy’s is a casual, cozy bar in the West Village that’s been serving up great cocktails and over 30 different types of rum for the last 12 years. I visited Willy’s to taste some of their cocktails in preparation for their “7 Days of Wicked Good Cocktails”. This 7-day affair will feature their most popular cocktails on instagram.

The cocktails at Wicked Willy’s are impressive. They’re well-balanced and feature a variety of mixers and premium spirits. My favorite of them all was the Apple Pie cocktail, made with Fireball, Stoli Vanilla, fresh cinnamon, and apple cider. It’s literally like drinking an apple pie. But don’t sip this one too fast ‘cause it’s delicious but STRONG! I also sipped on the Wicked Mai Tai, which has a blend of Bacardi Black and white rum, orange liqueur, almond liqueur, pineapple juice, and Angostura orange bitters.

Check out all 7 of their wicked good cocktails below! And hit up their website for fun events offered daily.

P.S. Make sure you order the wings! You won’t be sorry ;)

Apple Pie Cocktail: fireball, stoli vanilla, cinnamon, apple cider

Wicked MaiTai: Bacardi Black, white rum, orange liqueur, almond liqueur, pineapple juice, Angostura bitters

Bacardi Lime Mojito: Bacardi, mint, lime

Singapore Sling: Oxley gin and Campari

Pyrat Dark & Slushy: Gosling's rum and ginger beer

Pom 2 My Rita: Patron tequila, Pama liqueur