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From Drab to Fab: 5 easy ways to make your cocktails insta-worthy

This post is for all my home bartenders out there. I trust that you’re creating some bomb drinks in the comfort of your kitchen. And naturally, after you create your cocktail masterpiece, your first instinct is to upload it on the ‘gram to show it off. But sometimes the pictures just don’t do it justice. They come out looking like just juice in a cup.

We already know cute cups like the ones in my glassware guide can take a cocktail a long way. But chic glassware is just the beginning. Read on for 5 simple accessories that can take your cocktail from lackluster to insta-worthy in the blink of an eye.

1. Metal straws

Metal straws can add a level of sophistication to your homemade cocktail. Colors like silver, gold, and copper are classy and chic. I got mine on Amazon.

2. Paper Straws

If you want to add a pop of color to your drink, paper straws are just what you need. Some even have cool patterns and stripes. The best part is your cocktails will look stylish while also being sustainable. You can find cute paper straws at Party City, Amazon, or even your local CVS.

3. Cocktail Picks

Cocktail picks are great because they come in all shapes and sizes. They are a great tool for adding garnish like fruit or candy. Crate and Barrel has some really sturdy metal ones. But plastic ones from Party City work just as well.

4. Herbs

Let’s get to the garnishes. Both mint leaves and rosemary sprigs work very well as cocktail garnish. And they both can elevate the look of our drink with minimal effort. Any herb can transform even the simplest cocktail.

Strawberry Bae-sil Lemonade

5. Lemon or lime wedge

Perhaps the simplest trick of them all is adding a lemon or lime wedge to the side of the cup. Cutting a citrus wedge is actually much easier than you think. Check out this Youtube tutorial if you're not sure how.