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Federico Hernandez is Making Rum Education Accessible

Federico Hernandez, creator of the Rum Lab

In an era where information about alcohol and spirits is not easy to come by if you’re not an industry insider, Federico Hernandez, creator of The Rum Lab, is making rum education for rum lovers his priority. Federico, a native of Puerto Rico, created the Rum Lab with the goal of promoting and educating consumers on premium rums. I had the chance to chat with Federico and learn all about his passion for premium rum and how he provides opportunities for consumers to engage with industry experts and spirits educators.

According to Federico, he has loved rum all his life and believes it’s the most versatile spirit out there. Federico’s love and appreciation for rum began at a young age and continued to blossom over the years and has now developed into a passion for spirits education. Federico’s first event, Taste of Rum, a national festival in Puerto Rico, has now expanded to include events all over the United States. The rum tour has touched down in cities like Chicago and Louisville. Up next on the docket is the New York Rum Festival and Congress this weekend at the Metropolitan West.

Get tickets at www.newyorkrumfest.com

New York Rum Fest is an opportunity for rum aficionados to come together to learn from expert panelists and rum advocates from all over the world. The festival, now in its 3rd year, has expanded. Not only will it be at a bigger, grander venue, there will be more brands to sample and many brands will be showcasing new brand expressions.  The event kicks off on Friday with a Rum Congress at The Astor Center, where guests can attend a series of symposiums and seminars. The 2-day event concludes on Saturday with a Grand Tasting, where attendees can sip on a variety of premium rums and mingle with spirit industry professionals and brand reps, a unique opportunity that events of this kind don’t typically offer.

With so many amazing and unique offerings, the highlight for Federico is that the event provides space for everyone. He says, “There’s an opportunity for everybody-people who are rum drinkers, drinking for the first time, rum geeks.” So whether you’re a rum rookie or a rum veteran, this is the event for you.

So what does a rum connoisseur and proponent of spirits education like to drink when he’s not educating the masses? Federico keeps it simple and prefers to mix his rum with coconut water.

Get tickets and more information about New York Rum Fest at www.newyorkrumfest.com.

I know what you’re thinking-waiting a week to taste all those premium rums is less than ideal. If you need to wet your whistle in advance of New York Rum Fest, you’re in luck! Check out New York Rum Week starting today and continuing to Monday, June 17th. During Rum Week, 20 of the city’s top bars will showcase their finest rum-based cocktails to highlight the spirit’s  versatility. See all the bars participating at https://www.newyorkrumweek.com.