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Spirited Sweets: The Booziest Treats in NYC

Have you ever thought that your dessert might be missing something? Well, it is missing something and that something could be alcohol. Here’s my roundup of the best places in NYC to find your new favorite tipsy treat.

Tipsy Scoop

Photo Credit: tipsyscoop.com

This popular ice cream “bar-lour” has been serving intoxicated ice cream since 2017. If dairy’s not your thing, they also have liquor-infused sorbet so you can still get your fix. They even offer classes so you can learn to make your own frozen concoctions.

Prohibition Bakery

Photo Credit: prohibitionbakery.com

I first discovered this bakery years ago when I was out on the Lower East Side one night. Although their LES outpost has closed, they still offer boozy cupcake delivery throughout New York City and nationwide shipping. And you can purchase their cookbook on Amazon if you wanna whip up some drunken cake at home.

Mel’s Burger Bar

Photo Credit: Flickr

In addition to burgers, Mel’s specializes in spiked shakes. With shakes like the Siberian Husky made with cookie monster ice cream, kahlua, and vodka, it’s clear that they mean business.

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Photo Credit: Harlemchocolatefactory.com

Harlem Chocolate Factory was created by two chocolate lovers with a passion for sharing the history of Harlem through chocolate. Their Speakeasy Truffle Collection features Rose, Cognac Caramel, and Bourbon Hazelnut truffles. And they collaborated with HH Bespoke Spirits to make a Bespoke Rum Caramel Sauce. Yum!

Drunken Fruit

I first discovered Drunken Fruit at Harlem Eat Up. What a treat! This “adult candy” is the most versatile, delicious, boozy dessert I’ve ever had. You can eat them alone, add them to your favorite cocktail, or use it to top your favorite dessert. And with a decent variety of fruit, you can’t go wrong. Visit their website to place an order.